We Love Our Volunteers

Our festival is great because of our wonderful volunteers! When Carol, also known as Lady Blarney (pictured right), asked if she could volunteer in her authentic period Irish garb, we were so excited to say yes! Lady Blarney will be greeting Irish Fest New Orleans 2017 goers at the gate and volunteering at our children’s area. If you see her out and about, please take a moment to say hi and thank you to her and to all our volunteers. They make Irish Fest New Orleans possible!

We are still accepting volunteers! Please fill out the volunteer form to sign up. Volunteers get into the festival free and get free food and drink tickets.

P.S. We also learned a lot from Lady Blarney. She informed us that “by law they (Irish women) couldn’t wear more than 11 yards of linen (she’s wearing 8 yards). Wonderfully authentic, and abiding by the laws of the time, you can’t beat that!

Irish Fest New Orleans Volunteer in Traditional Irish Garb